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The Pacific press you have will take standard primer arms and a standard primer feed system you can attach at the top front.From the pictures I an not sure whether you have a ram that will take standard shell holders or if you have to use proprietary shell holders.Modern, high-strength materials give the power 'C' plenty of strength to handle modern, magnum-size reloading operations..the precision to match the exacting requirements of custom handloading.Pacific innovations, like the universal primer arm and the removable head shell holder ram, make it easy to reload different sizes of cartridges with the same press.

Pacific is a well established brand in the reloading industry. Clicking on the links below will open a detailed description of the Pacific reloading dies for sale in a new window on e Bay.What if anything can you guys tell me about this piece of equipment?Thanks Sorry forgot to mention its for mettalic reloading.We formed many wildcat cartridges over the years on this press.The press is remains in good shape and useful but it is not a true compound leverage press.

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