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At any moment, a member of AA can give you a convincing argument that their life is suicidally bad with no hope for the future.

Conversely, for this person to feel good require nothing short of a miracle.

When I first got sober, I was certain that there was no logical way my life would repair itself or that I would even live until the end of that spring. I remember meeting a guy that I'm still friends with to this day, eight days into my current sobriety.

We made each other laugh and texted during the day while I was delivering packages and mail all over Hollywood for a public relations firm.

There was John Merchant of The Hartford Financial Services Group, Louis Gutierrez who is the former CIO of Harvard-Pilgrim Healthcare, and Rico Singleton from the New York State Office of the CIO.

And the vendors were the big names you'd expect: Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. The event started with each vendor giving a six-minute presentation about his or her company’s solution (judging by the eight men on stage, there seems to be a shortage of women involved in cloud computing).

The likes of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google can't agree on an answer to that question. And they're sure it's the answer to all your problems.

For Microsoft, it's a place to offload part of your IT infrastructure. Last week at the Interop trade show in New York, the scene was reminiscent of "The Dating Game." Three potential customers sat on a sofa stage-left, and four prospective suitors sat stage-right.

I should use a service like Carbonite or its competitor. I like having my data under my control and not dependent on the unknowable 'good will' and 'security' of others.

It's not as if a Cloud service provider can't have their own disaster to cope with - and I can't believe they're immune to being hacked.

They appear to still be valid for anyone now using 'The Cloud' ... How secure are YOU with the concept of storing ALL of your irreplaceable data in 'The Cloud' ... Get as much information as you can about the people who manage your data.

"Ask providers to supply specific information on the hiring and oversight of privileged administrators, and the controls over their access," Gartner says.2. Customers are ultimately responsible for the security and integrity of their own data, even when it is held by a service provider.

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After almost losing my data, I gave serious consideration to getting a plan with Carbonite or that other company, but was never quite comfortable enough to do that.

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