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Live Person's proprietary Meaningful Connection Score™ (MCS) delivers this, so agents and managers can take action and improve relationships.

AI and Bots Agents can work side by side with bots in the same conversation window.

The idea is that if people are having fun they will raise more money and do it more often for the causes they care about.

After all, if you don’t give back no one will like you.

We believe that your money should be able to work as hard as you do, which is why we won’t nickel and dime you with unfair fees, and we have no minimum balances.

These dangers, of which HIV/AIDS is the best known, but which include hepatitis B and C, syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydia, the human papilloma virus, herpes, and a host of other pathogens, will persist even after AIDS has been cured or can be prevented through vaccination.On Crowd Rise, everyone has their own profile page as a home for their charitable life just like you have a home for your pics on Instagram.Since the beginning, Crowd Rise has been obsessed with making giving back cool and fun.And more anally-transmitted diseases most certainly await discovery.For anal penetration is an exceptionally efficient mode of disease transmission, and we can be sure that pathogens will continue to find an infective niche in anal.

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Bots do the heavy lifting for repetitive processes, while humans take care of the rest.

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