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This option is 100% private and discreet and you will not have to share your Skype or Face Time ID.

Our relationship has sort of gone past the phone sex portion of phone sex, and for eight and a half hours, we chatted about everything in his life. If I had to say what the longest actual phone sex call I had, it would probably be…maybe two hours. Even talking about it for two hours would make me tired. The way I look at it is for every minute that you have the physical aspect of sex, that’s a good five minutes of describing it on the phone. I can reach out and touch you, or I can describe what it feels like to have my hand on you. So it’s much more involved than just reaching out and putting my hand on you. What’s the strangest request you’ve ever gotten on a call with someone? I had a man once who wanted to get on cam for me, and he wanted to masturbate while he was inside a lawn bag. He wanted to pull the trash bag up to his chest and tie it off. I’m only gonna have it come to my nipples.” And he masturbated inside the bag, and he wanted me to talk to him about rolling around in the bag and rubbing up against the plastic inside the bag. You don’t always have to revert to just swearing or using the work “Fuck! Yes, they’re feeling it, but now they’re hearing it.

And they can smell your perfume, or they can smell your shampoo or whatever—it encompasses everything, and therefore it enhances the sensation, and use that tomorrow.

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