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Her grandfather, Al Ribisi, was from a Catholic family in San Jose; in high school he became the keyboard player in People! But then in 1970 the members who were Scientologists, including Ribisi, took the unusual step of joining Scientology’s “Sea Organization” as a group.

When Carla Tate, now a young woman, is 'graduated' out of the training school where she has resided for many years because she is mentally challenged, her hope is that she will be accepted for all that she can now do for herself.

We didn’t take that tip at face value, but instead began working to develop sources who could tell us about the Ribisi clan and the radio show.

As a result of that work, today we have five independent sources — including two in the Ribisi family itself — who tell us that it was Lucia who was heard on KCRW and who has, in fact, left the church.

He leans more liberal politically but the only comments we could find have been him making fun of the government and saying how corrupt big banks and pharmaceutical companies are. He studied computer design in college and even used some of his skills on Avatar. In 2001 they seperated and he began dating Cat Power.

Anyhoo, hooray and mavel tov—or whatever exclamations Scientologists like Mister Ribisi shout at celebratory times. Sources are saying that his love life isn’t currently his priority!The 53-year-old actor is, instead, focusing on his social life and rekindling old friendships amid his split from Angelina Jolie. “Old friends are back in his life, and he seems happy about it.” Brad is also taking care of his body! “He’s in very good shape.” “He seems much happier,” they added.The dining room area—with a most-unusual ceiling recess in to which a chandelier is hung—connects to the expensively-equipped, galley-style kitchen finished with coffee-colored cabinets, eggshell-colored counter tops and the full complement of commercial-style stainless steel appliances.A few steps up a family room/den/office/potential bedroom space (with sliding doors to the front courtyard) makes the connection between the kitchen to the direct access, two-car garage.

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