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The pair were seen again as they arrived at The Roxy on Saturday, but Simmons told TMZ he and Rose are just friends. "Apparently dancing in a club helping someone to their car = dating," Simmons tweeted Friday.

"Lol It just comes with this life kiddo," Rose responded.

(Kevin Winter/Getty Images) Gene Simmons' son Nick has likened the rocker to U. presidential candidate Donald Trump, because they both frequently make controversial comments. I want you to stop me because I look a certain way. In response to the comments, his son Nick compared him to the Republican politician, who also offends with his remarks. Nick added that Gene is "terrified of anyone taking away this amazing place that he's found.

The KISS musician often courts controversy with his remarks, most recently calling Prince's death "pathetic," and on Monday he once again offended by telling police should profile people more following the bombings in New York and New Jersey this month. Nick told, "He's the f---ing Donald Trump of rock.

Now son Nick tells TMZ: "He's the fucking Donald Trump of rock. So he feels like he won the fucking by getting here.

"He made it to paradise and now he's terrified of anyone taking away this amazing place that he found. He means like, 'Whatever it takes to keep me and my loved ones safe.' Every one of his shitty fucking opinions is usually from that viewpoint.

The breakup came amidst reports Rose and/or Khalifa had been unfaithful, but the model denied she cheated September 25 on Twitter.

Gene Simmons' son Nick has described his outspoken father as "the fucking Donald Trump of rock." Nick was reacting to Kiss star Gene's latest outspoken political comments, in which he praised police who captured the suspect in last weekend's New York bomb attack which injured 31 people.

The only eye contact anyone makes here is with themselves. Surveying the floor, one must admit: the people here are, for the most part, undeniably attractive.

The son of Kiss frontman Gene Simmons has criticised his father’s outspoken views, comparing him to Donald Trump.

Simmons recently spoke out in support of profiling in the aftermath of bombings in New York and New Jersey.

Speaking to Despite saying that he disagrees with his father’s opinion on the matter, Nick went on to attempt to explain Gene’s views on profiling: “Here’s where he’s coming from.

He grew up in Haifa in a house with bullet holes in it so he feels like he won the fucking Gene Simmons has made headlines recently for describing Prince’s death as a “choice” and being involved in a feud with Ice Cube over NWA’s induction into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

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