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Recording in LA with Don Gilmour, was it all one big Sunset Strip party-athon while you were out there? There was no big party, we actually worked six days out of seven – in fact sometimes seven out of seven.We were stuck in the practice room so didn’t have a lot of free time for parties.'' How would you describe the overall mood of the album? We’re definitely more excited than ever about the material we wrote because it’s a sum of over 10 years of a career and it’s perfect because we found our own style and I love that.Está casado con la cantante y modelo italiana, Cristina Scabbia de la banda Lacuna Coil, desde diciembre del 2008.Nació el 2 de octubre de 1971 en Des Moines, Iowa, comenzó en el mundo de la música gracias a sus padres, su padre era un granjero y guitarrista integrante de una banda imitadora de The Beatles y The Rolling Stones y su madre era pianista de un teatro.También ha tocado como músico de sesión para artistas como (Sid Wilson, DJ de Slipknot) y Jonathan Davis (vocalista de Korn).Tiene una altura de 1, 98 m, convirtiéndolo en uno de los guitarristas más altos de la historia.“Dani I only had sip,” she giggles trying but failing miserably to shoot him a stern look.

Scabbia grew up listening to music with her family, which included two brothers and a sister.

Cristina Adriana Chiara Scabbia (born June 6, 1972 in Milan, Italy) is one of two vocalists in the Italian gothic metal band Lacuna Coil.

She also has an advice column, alongside Pantera member Vinnie Paul in the popular rock magazine Revolver.

It’s a weird album, but I think our fans understand you have to evolve with your music.'' You have talked about the songs on the album being “direct” – do you feel that detracts from the band’s epic / grand vibe that was Lacuna’s trademark?

''I think so, but only in that the message we want to give and the songwriting we experimented with on this album is more direct than in the past.

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