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Here's what it means to be a private Bit Torrent tracker, and what you'd get from being a part of one.

A Bit Torrent tracker, for those of you that don't remember, is a server that regulates the communication between those downloading and uploading torrents.

Bonjour Si vous téléchargez des fichiers sur internet, le système de Torrents ne vous est pas inconnu (piqure de rappel).

Sur les bons sites de torrent (comme, , …) prime le partage.

If you’re used to capping your bandwidth (I choke my upload speeds to keep my wireless router from having a nervous breakdown), try using the a-s-d, A-S-D, z-x-c and Z-X-C keys to trim the speed to your liking.

If you take a few moments to experiment, you’ll find that pressing the numbers 1-6 gives you a revised view, with different filters applied.

Le principal probleme vient de la vitesse d’upload des fichiers qui est en général 10 fois moins rapide que la vitesse de téléchargement.

C’est la qu’intervient le logiciel “Ratio Master” ce dernier permet de faire croire a votre site de torrent que vous envoyez un fichier a une vitesse fixée par vos soins.

Of course, anyone who has used Windows Phone in the past knows that Microsoft has had this ability for a very long time.Sure, torrents have legitimate uses, but let's not kid ourselves that most users are trading music, movies, games, and comics.Putting that background into context and it is understandable that people running private trackers like i TS are slightly paranoid.Exemple : si vous téléchargez 1Go de donnée, vous devez renvoyer un 1Go, sinon quoi votre Ratio d’échange est inférieur a 1.Avoir un ratio trop bas cause un bannissement du site, ce qui est fâcheux…

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They're called "private" because they regulate who is allowed to use the site — it's an exclusive community.

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