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Performance Management An Overview of Performance Tuning An Overview of Capacity Planning Testing and Tuning the Infrastructure Testing and Tuning Applications The Web Application Stress Tool Performance Counters Performance Monitoring Samples Resources When dealing with performance management, we're talking about the continuous process of evaluating a server to determine whether or not it can deliver the level of performance that's required, which is to say, the server's ability to handle a certain load of concurrent users.

Performance management is closed linked to capacity planning; the difference is that performance management involves tuning the current system so that it can perform better, thereby enabling it to support more users.

I have a strange problem creating new counters in existing group.

I have a windows service, which does some work and allow me to monitor its state via performance counter.

I have performance counters group and some performance counters.

Now it may or not be necessary to rebuild the SQL and/or Operating System counters, look for the SQL Counters on perfmon, if they aren’t there use the previous steps to rebuild then, with the following command you can rebuild all the operating system counters.The right and easiest way to recover the SQL counters is to repair the SQL Server binaries, trough add/remove programs.However this will require downtime on the SQL instance (If you’re using a cluster you could do a switch-over to another node) MSSQL$Instance Name Now to load the counters you should use the following command lodctr perf-MSSQLSERVERsqlctr.ini, if you’re using a named instance you should use this format perf- MSSQL$Instance Nameqlctr.ini, you could execute the command twice to check that the counters have been added.The error returned is: The specified counter could not be found.I tried to reinstall service, remove old counters, add them again, and nothing changed.

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Note Although the focus of this chapter isn't on system health, remember that this element can influence the overall performance picture, and in many cases, poor performance can be a good indicator of a failing system component.

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