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As a first time school mom last year I absolutely did not realize how hard it can be to pack a lunch for even just one kid!

It seems like I will have time the night before but then during the bedtime craziness, it just doesn’t happen then I am in a mad rush to get it done the morning of.

So grab your kid’s lunch bag or bento box, and let’s get started!

Then on top of the chaos, I want to pack them something fun, delicious, and healthy to they will actually eat it, and I will feel good about it. A BIG list of lunch ideas that I thought my little guy would love to eat AND were quick and easy for me to make.

How can throwing together a meal for a tiny person end up being so difficult? Let’s be honest, if it isn’t quick and easy, then I won’t keep up the habit long, so it had to be both.

Super Group is essentially a supply chain mobility company revolving around the optimisation of supply chain processes and vehicle fleets with a strong IT focus and technology underpin.

Our business encompasses the planning and management of all activities across the supply chain from the sourcing, procurement, transport, warehousing and distribution of goods and services.

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