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The one is related to the way the object is initialized.Note that there is no constructor in the Client class.

The framework provide s a way of catching validation exceptions, by setting Validates On Exceptions to true within a binding, however the error message provided is "Input string was not in a correct format." - this is the sort of error message that a software engineer would understand, but not the majority of the population!

Masks do not necessarily guarantee that a user's input will represent a valid value for a given type; for example, -9 could be entered for an age in years.

You can verify that a user's input represents a valid value by using Data Validation.

Microsoft WPF includes a data binding framework that provides a simple declarative mechanism to associate and validate data with UI components – read some good tips and tricks here.

This works well very well for simple form validation but sometimes you may want to perform a more complex series of validations and reflect the failures back to the user in a similar manner to the field level validation. Text Property), validation Error); This approach can also help if you need to validate that a Combo Box value is actually selected when no default value has been provided.

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